We invite you to join our weekly email list offering ongoing garden projects for volunteers in the Pioneer Valley to participate in. Volunteer projects are offered in a workshop format providing ongoing opportunities to learn more about plants, gardens and all things related. Each project is carefully chosen and will be led by local designers, growers and practitioners sharing detailed knowledge from their areas of expertise.

The definition we are using for ‘garden’ includes all landscapes consciously stewarded by people. Projects are chosen based on their ability to contribute significantly towards the health of our communities by creating resources such as habitat, medicine, food as well as beauty and inspiration (to name a few). As such, volunteers will have the opportunity to work in a diversified range of gardens and landscapes. Projects will not be limited to Local Harmony projects but will include other projects led by partner organizations involved in like-minded work.

In the end, the goal is to facilitate and maintain as many high value gardens as possible. This only becomes possible with strong community involvement not only because many hands make light work but because our collective effort, knowledge and skill is essential if we want to see gardens grow on a scale that is impactful.

Although we as a species are collectively trashing this planet we call home, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t help reverse that trend by transforming one landscape at a time. With your participation, we can do this!

Please join our ongoing efforts – your involvement adds an important strand to the mycelial web of community participation that leads us one step closer towards regenerating the Garden!

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